Common Causes of Engine Oil Leaks and Why You Should Fix Them Immediately

23 March 2021
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The engine in your car produces heat and converts it into the mechanical energy required to move the vehicle. Similar to your body, which requires fluids like water and cooking oil for replenishment, your vehicle's engine cannot run smoothly without engine oil. Engine oil acts as the lubricating agent that keeps your engine running smoothly and efficiently. If the oil leaks, you'll experience a drastic decline in engine performance and a breakdown of the engine will be inevitable if you don't take corrective action immediately.
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Two Signs of a Fantastic Panel Beater

14 January 2021
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If your car has damage on the body, you should look for a panel beater whose vehicle-body restoration services you're likely to be pleased with. They won't make promises they cannot keep Panel beaters can often work miracles on exceptionally damaged vehicles. If, for example, you present a reputable panel beater with a car whose body has been left to rust for years, or which has been subjected to a huge impact that has left it covered in dozens of dents, they will offer a realistic appraisal which sets out how likely it is that they'll be able to make the vehicle look similar to the way it did prior to being damaged.
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What to Do if Your Car Makes a Strange Noise

Hello! My name is Pete and this is my blog. I came up with the idea for this blog when I was driving home from work one day. I was making good progress through the city traffic when all of a sudden, I heard a very strange noise coming from the engine. I started to panic and pulled over to one side of the road. Thankfully, I was able to get someone to tow me to the next auto garage so I could have the car repaired. The mechanic carried out a full service of my car and repaired the problem.