4 Signs Your Car May Need to Get a Transmission Fluid Change

11 October 2022
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As part of preventative vehicle maintenance, you should change your car's transmission fluid from time to time. Transmission fluid lubricates and cools the moving parts of a transmission system but also creates and maintains the hydraulic pressure required for the transmission to operate. However, it deteriorates over time and will require replacement to prevent damage to the vehicle's transmission. Here is how to tell when to change your transmission fluid.
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Top Reasons to Use a Log Book Service That Offers a Courtesy Car

25 July 2022
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You might know that you need to use a log book service so that you can have necessary maintenance done on your vehicle. You might know that you should find a good, certified log book service to help you with taking good care of your car. What you might not know, though, is that many people find that it's useful to specifically choose a log book service that offers courtesy vehicles for the people who are having their vehicles serviced.
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Considerations When Hiring A Mobile Mechanic

11 May 2022
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Mobile mechanics are professionals who bring their service to you when your vehicle breaks down at home or by the roadside. The professionals offer convenience since you do not have to tow your car to a garage. Below is an extract detailing what to consider when hiring a mobile mechanic.  Assess their Expertise Does the mechanic have the skills and equipment needed to repair your vehicle? Check online reviews to establish the mechanic's specialisation and success rate.
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Did You Know That You Need to Service Your Car’s Power Steering?

28 February 2022
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As a car or truck owner, you already know that you need to take your vehicle in for a service as recommended by the manufacturer to enjoy longer and uninterrupted motoring. Yet, while you must always pay attention to oils, filters and brakes, did you know that you should give the power steering system on your vehicle service as well? What do you need to know about this requirement? How the System Works
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Watch Out for These Signs That Your Engine’s Oil Cooler Is Failing

16 December 2021
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An oil cooler is a vital component of your vehicle's cooling system. It's designed to keep the engine oil within optimum operating temperatures, particularly during high-performance or heavy-duty driving conditions like racing or towing. Therefore, the oil cooler keeps your engine from overheating when running under extreme conditions. Typically, engine coolers are designed to last and will often exhibit minimal problems down the line. However, leaks, cracks, normal wear and tear, and other issues can affect your engine cooler's performance over time.
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