Two Signs of a Fantastic Panel Beater

14 January 2021
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If your car has damage on the body, you should look for a panel beater whose vehicle-body restoration services you're likely to be pleased with. They won't make promises they cannot keep Panel beaters can often work miracles on exceptionally damaged vehicles. If, for example, you present a reputable panel beater with a car whose body has been left to rust for years, or which has been subjected to a huge impact that has left it covered in dozens of dents, they will offer a realistic appraisal which sets out how likely it is that they'll be able to make the vehicle look similar to the way it did prior to being damaged.
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3 Auto Transmission Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

17 November 2020
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You should ensure that your car is always in good shape while on the road for your safety and others. For instance, you should inspect the transmission of your vehicle before starting any journey, especially if you're starting on a long-distance trip. Driving a car with a faulty transmission puts your life and others on the road at risk because the vehicle can just stall abruptly in the middle of the road, leading to an accident.
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Is Your Car’s Cooling System Ready for the Big Heat?

14 September 2020
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With temperatures set to reach record levels in certain parts of Australia, it is more important than ever to ensure that your car is properly cooled. You need to make sure that the coolant levels are always up to the recommended mark, but you also want to ensure that the liquid itself is still in good condition. What are the implications if this is not the case, and how do you find out if you have a problem?
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The Basics of a Full Car Servicing: What You Should Know

30 June 2020
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Regular car servicing will ensure that your car is in great condition, with benefits not limited to ensuring your safety, boosting the resale value and helping you achieve great fuel economy. There are three types of car services, each as important as the next one. Read more to find out the specifics of one type of car servicing, often referred to as a "major," "master" or "full" car service. What It Covers
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Common 4WD Problems and Their Solutions

4 December 2019
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4WD vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. The cars have been in the market for a long time. However, people are slowly learning their benefits, hence their popularity. Similarly to other types of vehicles, these cars need regular 4WD service and maintenance to prevent potential problems from causing deadly hazards. Here are typical problems to look out for: Suspension issues Suspension issues mostly happen if you drive your 4WD car on rough terrain.
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